Hi Dinar Party,
Also to include Dongers, Zimmers and Rupiahs!

Its important you give this your attention!

Important Confirmation required at the end of this message, so I know you have seen this!

I will send this page out once the notification foir the appointment numbers has been given. if you see this sentence they are not yet available! Full instructions will be included and y9u choose the numnebr for the country you want to exchange in

Then it’s up to you to find to choose the country number that you wish to exchange in and ring for your appointment.

There is some urgency in this as there may be a limited window of opportunity for higher rate project exchanges, particularly if you have ZIM which is why I’m starting this last attention getter, rather than when the numbers actually appear.

I’m also setting up groups on Facebook based on Countries where I think people may wish to exchange. That way we can develop a dialogue for that country and any updates discovered by members can be shared with others who may exchange in that country. There will be Spain, UK, Germany and Cyprus. We can set up other countries on request. You can select your Country Group here

While I have posted all the info that has ever come through, I’m fully aware that not everyone reads all this information and I am periodically asked for updates that take a long time to do. While I don’t mind, there are over 50 people soon to make urgent moves to getting their appointment. If you need personal help at this stage, when the balloon goes up, I’m charging a token consultancy fee. I think this is acceptable as I have spent 100s of hours researching and informing everyone. A small amount, of your choosing is requested, since I will be very busy and also it will help finance my trip to UK for my own exchange! You can decide on what to pay!  To make such a payment, please go here 

Finally, and importantly,  go here to confirm back that you are aware of the above and update the country and contact details that applies to you. 

The page I have set up for all RV info is at

Archive information is here

You can check the latest info directly here