The MoretoLifeNOW course is currently part of EcoLifeWalks package holidays in Lanzarote, and I am currently arranging to hold them in UK locations.
If you are interested to host the courses, please get in touch

For starters, we’ll find a nice waterside café and get to know each other. I like to know what your expectations are and what’s on your mind in your life from the outset. We do have certain options in our time, like yogasurfingcycling, so we will discuss those in order to make booking provision. As part of all weeks, or short stays we will invariably visit the offshore desert island of La Graciosa, a beautiful healing and uplifting place, with arguably one of the best beaches in the world. This is the best cycling opportunity and it is within the scope of everyone who can ride a bike. If we need to get off and walk occasionally, it’s all the same!  We will decide on the route, depending on the views of the participants. We can walk across the island to the beach, if preferred and if mobility is a limitation, we walk a few hundred metres to a beautiful place where we can sit and chat, all within reach of great cafes!

In simple terms we will realise that we never received an operating manual for the human body we arrived in, so we have no idea of what we are really capable of. In all cases it’s hugely more than we think! Most of what we take on board is based on assumptions and supposed facts that we picked up within the first 5 years of our lives. The chances are that, at worst, this is incomplete, and quite often just not true. We live our lives under a filter of limitations which give us a less than ideal impression of our potential and prospects in life.

MoretoLifeNOW will give you the prospect of proving for yourself, insights and techniques that can bring your choices into your life.  We are working here with Laws of Nature that will work if you invoke them in the prescribed way. Your initial state of open-mindedness can soon turn into a deep knowing and irrefutable belief, once you assess the feedback of the changes that can come. The way things turn out are often described as miracles or magic, since previously, our belief system did not have experience of how human energy works when we connect with all things.

As we progress, I will describe how conventional science now is able to account for much of what was only the domain of mystics. TV and internet would have been inconceivable notions not so very long ago. When we realise how, throughout even recent history, this information has been either hidden or illegal, there can be feelings of anger on how we may have been manipulated in the past. Luckily it is no longer a heresy, punishable by burning at the stake, to examine this kind of information. Millions of people now have access to the information on human transformation (to whatever degree you choose). Our open information technology provides links to books, DVDs, podcasts, and Youtube clips. The Spanish Inquisition will not visit you!

If for any reason you cannot allow yourself to engage in the new awareness, you can listen and take reference notes. Once you even have an inkling on how your life can change, you will not forget about this content. Most guests take it on board immediately, at least to give it a fair trial, and some have major breakthroughs in a very short time. It’s up to you. You are under no pressure or obligation to do other than what you want! However, if someone told me, there was a way of having anything I wanted for free, for ever, I would definitely want to give it my best shot! OK, in spite of the convincing evidence I will present, you just may not believe it. What if you are wrong? It’s your loss!


So, for now, here are a few bullet points

  • We present an update on mainstream understanding of how our inner energy determines the outcome of our lives
  • See how recent scientific understanding overlaps with Ancient Wisdom
  • Learn of situations that prevented the wisdom lineage from being part of general belief
  • An introduction to lay person’s quantum physics which explains how
  • Thoughts feeling and emotions interact with the subtle energy of the universe
  • We help look at misapprehensions created by the rational mind and held in the emotions
  • We become aware of situations that may cause us to lapse into former reactions, behaviour and resultant outcome
  • Which are part of our unwitting generation of unwanted scenarios
  • Affecting well-being, abundance, relationships, happiness and fulfilment
  • We demonstrate how being in nature helps align our conscious energies
  • And use yoga and meditation to increase our awareness of our emotional vibrational level
  • So we can use deliberate intent to effect the outcome of our lives
  • And remember to carry on the awareness after the course