New Media Marketing

new media marketingWe live in very privileged times,
in terms of the available technologies

Apart from WebSites, there are several ways of getting your message out to a huge audience, once you get the hang of the New Media.

A search engine in itself and a way  of offering your video messages without incurring any broadband bills. You can upload your online presentations into Youtube and thereafter post them on Facebook, include them in your blogs and embed them in your website.


Podcasts are effectively your own radio or TV station, depending whether it’s audio or video output that you can produce. With only basic equipemnt, even from a smart phone, you can post your weekly offerings and have thousands of people automatically get your updates!

If you have a website, especially, then blogs are a great way of amplifying your presence. Since your website navigation menu is seen by your blog, anything on which you post that is outside your normal audience can get discovered, adding to your exposure. There are categories to enable your readers to find out more of your gems and many websites will incorporate your postings into your website display without extra work!

Newsletters are an essential extension of your website, in that you can build a database follwoing of people who like what you do. There are ways of encouraging sign-ups and powerful automatic broadcast systems that send personalised messages, keep track of unsubscribes and present full statistics of who has clicked on your newsletter links!

E-books and Ibooks
Another source of getting your message out into the massive audiences of Itunes and Amazon. You dont need a publishers agent and the attractive templates can make your work look professional. Charge a modest price and attract many more subscribers

Electronic Public Relations
Target newspapers, magazines, blogs by your chosen country and get feedback of who has viewed what from your online Press Release.

Search Engine Optimisation
Unless people can actually find your website when they access a search engine, it’s all a waste of time. There are some fundamental secrets that will ensure improved visibility of your site. Get this right and big changes can happen!

Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ etc
Social media is now very important as a way of getting your message into networks who will then see your recurring posts. Advertising on Facebook can be effective since you only pay for the people who click your link and it is possible to precisely target who will see them

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