Computer Tutor

Learn the Easy Techniques that make a difference!

computerHelpButtonaquapng3For all I regard basic computer skills as normal, I do realise I have been a computer professional for many decades and I often meet people who seem to have trouble with managing some of the basics. It can make the world of difference if you make a note of some of the things you ouwld like to be able to do, then spend an hour or so with someone who can patiently show you how it’s done!

I’m passionate about helping people to use the power of new media, and offer an initial consultation of €20 for 90 minutes in Central Lanzarote, to get you started or sort out a few queries. Thereafter projects would be by quotation at reasonable rates with efficient input.


 Help offered in areas of

  • Setting up a running Gmail
  • Get Going with Facebook
  • Organising your Contacts
  • Syncing your Tasks between Computer and phone
  • Back Up Systems, Local and online

  • Graphic Image Manipulation on Free Software
  • Saving your images online
  • Spreadsheets for beginners and Advanced
  • Making Brochures and Flyers with Microsoft Publisher
  • Thinking about a Blog or a Website; The Basics