ABOUT Stuart Forster

biketransp150an eclectic mix of personal growth researcher, seeker of truth, musician, business adviser, campaigner, holistic holiday operator, landscape photographer, spiritual teacher and Lanzarote / La Graciosa biosphere guide

You may find, in these times of change, when you update your web site, or indeed plan your first one, that you have become quite a different person to how your original CV reads.

We live in dramatic times and we are currently experiencing quantum changes in our personal DNA that enable us to become more in touch with who we really are and what we want to do!

I started life as a musician (and that’s ultimately what floats my boat), then became a businessman, (always in touch with computers) set up my own company which became  international, sold it and went on a vision quest for a few years, ran Holistic Holidays and EcoLifeWalks in Lanzarote acheter viagra en ligne france.

I’m currently on the move and checking out  new venues to run my MoretoLifeNOW courses, but spend time examining the emerging truth (no longer conspiracy theory) of world politics and spreading the word of transformation. At this moment becoming involved with the Lanzarote Cabildo in a campaign against the drilling for oil in the biosphere waters of the Canary Islands

I’m passionate about helping people with their computers to get their message out to the world by taking advantage of the powerful technologies available to us these days.


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